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Map click off on version 2.1

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  • Map click off on version 2.1

    I can duplicate this on two laptops with my registered copy and eval. When I click on an area in the map to fill in the color, it isn't filled in where I clicked on - it's too the right.

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    Could you please save a project file and send me a copy along with the map you are using (timr [at] passmark [dot] com).


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      I didn't have this problem using the same map in version 2.0

      And I sent the email.


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        I am having the exact same problem as kreischl. You click your location and you appear off to the right. When I get back into the office I will save the project & forward it.


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          I did some more troubleshooting and it only seems to be an issue when I use the second to smallest marker size option. (slide one to the right from the default smallest size)

          ddigger, same issue with you?


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            Click location is only working if I select the middle option or the one to the right. If I choose any of the other ones the click appears elsewhere.

            I has to do a gps survey yesterday, so I had to reload the previous version.

            I was also having problems with the new version & the gps syncing together. I will search the forum for that specific topic & post it there..


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              Just an update I reloaded the new version today & did A 2 hour survey with it and everything ran fine. Even the GPS synced up correctly. It was dead on.
              Thanks for your help.

              Any chance we'll see project merging in the future. Also looking to import data into Google Earth.


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                There aren't any current plans for project merging.

                What sort of data do you want to import into google earth, if you've taken the map image from Google Earth you can already import the signal strength image back into Google Earth.


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                  Out of nowhere, The Click off, started happening again. I reloaded the old version to correct it. Then when I'm finished, I have to reload to the newer version.
                  Anybody else experiencing problems?

                  It seems, if I reload to the latest version, I can use it one time before the click off starts up again. When this happens the GPS WILL NOT syc up correctly. It too is off to the right about 6.


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                    I'm still having a problem.


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                      We've reproduced the hexagon problem so it should be fixed in the next release.