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    Hi Folks;

    I first tried WirelessMon several years ago - I found it to be a very stable application but it didn't do what I wanted it to so I un-installed it.

    Fast forward a few years and I just download the latest release and pleasantly found that it had been updated and was better then ever - but it still didn't do what I wanted it to

    What I'm doing is mapping access points in my town to Google Earth in an effort to chart wireless penetration levels and also the rate at which wireless networks are being locked down.

    Currently I do this through a convoluted process. I use NetStumbler to log GPS info and access points to a file, upload it to a 3rd party website and then use another 3rd party application that generates a *.KML file that Google Earth uses.

    Simply clicking on the .KML file causes Google Earth to open up and brings me directly to the map.

    I was thinking, if you could make WirelessMon so that it logs to a *.KML file all that would be required is clicking on the file and, presto, up comes Google Earth - complete with all the access points found on the trip.

    This would open up WirelessMon into a whole other realm of marketshare - and solve my problem too

    Best & Thanks;

    PS> Here's a picture to show what I'm talking about.

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    Version 3 of WirelessMon allows you to create the access point log in GPX format, if you do this then open it in Google earth (File -> Open -> Files of type Gps) you will get a map with the access points (or you can even just drag and drop the gpx file into Google earth).

    The GPX file includes a description with the RSSI, channel and security but this seems to be ignored by Google earth.