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GPS going the in wrong direction

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  • GPS going the in wrong direction

    I'm using a Delorme Earthmate GPS reciever and the serial emulator. Wirelessmon detects the GPS and all seems well. I go to a location that is on the upper left of the map and set point1. I then go to a spot that is in the lower right of the map and set point2. But then we I start driving around the GPS goes in the totally the wrong direction and seems to skip more space than i've moved. Am I missing something?

    I'll also add that it seems to be reading the GPS data correctly except when mapping.
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    If you have done so already have a read of the WirelessMon coverage mapping tutorial on this page.

    What is the horizontal and vertical distance between your point 1 and point 2? The bigger the distances the more accurate the interpolation between the points will be.

    Also is you map rotated? i.e. is north at the top of the map.