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Wirelessmon v3.0 & XP SP3, Need Help

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  • Wirelessmon v3.0 & XP SP3, Need Help

    I recently downloaded WM3.0 from your website and I am unable to get it to launch. I get to the registration screen that appears when you first start the application and after clicking "continue" the application tries to start but then hangs.
    I have tried reinstalling and adjusting the DEP like you have mentioned in other threads but that still has not fixed the issue

    Please help.

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    If you have the latest version of the software and the program still cannot start, Could you follow the procedure below in order to generate a log file, which will help us locate the problem.

    Right click on the WirelessMon icon on your desktop and select properties, and then add the string DEBUGMODE on the command line.

    Then start WirelessMon by double clicking on the icon and you should see a window telling you that debug mode has been enabled. A text file will then be created in the WirelessMon installation directory, called WirelessMonTestLog.txt

    Can you please send us this file or post it here?

    The contents of the file will look something like,

    0.000s - DEBUG: New Instance of WLAN802_11 initialize successfully 0.000s - DEBUG: Network Card Service has been started successfully 0.000s - DEBUG: WZCSVC Service has been stopped successfully
    0.031s - DEBUG: Tab Control has been created successfully