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V3 Rates Supported not correct for Wireless N

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  • V3 Rates Supported not correct for Wireless N

    Just install trial V3, somehow the rates support did not show the correct rates support for wireless N as 300mbps and so... any ideas please help... also for card calibration min/max any ideas for intel wifi 5300AGN (could not find any infor from intel website)... Many Thanks
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    WirelessMon reports the speeds that Windows thinks are available. As Windows itself doesn't fully support Wireless 802.11n as yet, the list of speeds might appear to be incomplete. This doesn't stop WirelessMon using these cards however. I would expect Windows 7 (in 2009 / 2010) to provide full support however.

    Despite working on it for 4 years, 802.11n is still a draft proposed specification. So any 802.11n product you have now might not be fully compatible with the final specification.


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      Just FYI my windows vista report 300mbps.... Also, my router DLink DIR-825 showing there is wireless connected at 300mbps.


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        Yes, you can still connect at that (claimed) speed, even if it is not in the list.

        The 802.11n suppliers are also supplying proprietary software with their draft hardware.


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          When connected to an access point you should see the current connection speed in the Speed (MBits) field on the summary screen, this field should match the connection speed displayed by windows.

          I couldn't find any information in the Intel docs about 5300 sensitivity so you would probably be best leaving the min/max at default values or measuring them by getting as close to an access point as possible for the max and using the last seen value when an access point is no longer available as the min (with a bit leeway for each value).
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            Hi Tim,

            Thank you for your reply, I have already found the wifi link 5300 doc also you're right about the speed display in Mbps. However, I would wondering if your sw can display the rates support since Intel Wifi Link 5300 support up to 300-450mbps... Anyhow, thanks again for your answer...