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GPS Connection with USB

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  • GPS Connection with USB

    I have several GPS devices and I have a laptop that does not have COM port. Period. Doesn't exist.

    How can I connect my GPS to WirelessMon? btw, Garmin MapSource works just fine with both of my devices.

    Thanks... Bob

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    Many manufactures will provided a USB to Serial driver that allows the USB device to be accessed by a serial connection, which lets the GPS data be read from many different devices in a standard way.

    For the next version of WirelessMon we are hoping to add USB support without the need for a USB to Serial driver where the manufactures allow it (some provide information about how to access their devices while some keep the information secret).


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      Hi Tim, thanks for the response.

      If there is such a thing as a serial interface I can't find it. Here's the link for a user manual for my 60csx:

      What this means is that I have no interest in buying the mapping version of WirelessMon for now.

      fwiw, other vendors of GPS software such as TopoFusion had integrated USB support into their products several years ago.

      Serial and parallel ports are fast becoming a thing of the past like floppy drives, remember those? (Want some, I have plenty. )



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        The point of the driver is to create a virtual com connection which allows the GPS data to be read in a standard, well known process. Otherwise, with a USB connection, each manufacturer uses a different way of accessing the device and retrieving the necessary GPS information.

        It looks like Garmin are no longer offering a USB to serial driver. Again we are looking at adding USB where we can (and where the manufacturers make it possible) for the next release.