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WirelessMon 4

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  • WirelessMon 4

    WirelessMon 4 is now available and includes the following changes;

    • Added USB support for Garmin GPS
    • Added some extra error messages if WirelessMon cannot load a map image due to memory limitations
    • Added Import and export functions for MAC address when choosing access points to display on Map tab
    • Added right to left signal strength graph style on summary tab
    • Added "dropouts" count and column to summary view, tracks how often an access points is seen in one sample and lost in the next
    • Added KML (Google maps) log format options to access point and connected node logs
    • Added GPX format to connected node logs
    • Added "Export List" option to right click menu options on summary tab list, will open a dialog that allows the detected access points to be exported to CSV or Google Maps (KML) format
    • Added "Strongest RSSI, Latitude and Longitude" columns to summary view. Latitude and longitude are available when a GPS is configured and records the GPS position of the strongest RSSI value
    • Added an option to manually enter the GPS locations for two arbitrary points on the map during GPS calibration
    • Moved current GPS location to bottom status bar
    • Added auto save project file to log options
    • Added encryption types (WEP-40/WEP-104, TKIP, AES) where applicable for security column. In XP due to WirelessMon using passive scanning, this will only be available when the required information is captured by the network card. The longer WirelessMon is run in the same area the higher the chance of this information being displayed.
    • Added Maximum supported N speed to supported rates. As with the encryption types this information is not always captured by the network card but will be built up over time
    • Changed Channel use on summary tab from A to A/N, and B/G to B/G/N
    • Changed MAC address format to XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX
    • Changed format of supported rates in list
    • Column locations and current sort order now saved in the config file
    • Fixed a bug that could cause certain elements on the summary tab to overlap at some resolutions and DPI settings.
    Version 4 requires new keys which are available as a free upgrade for existing users. A V4 key can be obtained from the free ugprades page using the email from the original WirelessMon order.