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Block a certain AP

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  • Tim (PassMark)
    In WirelessMon you can specify the MAC address of the access point when connecting and it should only attempt to connect to that access point. If the access points have the same settings and SSID though it may be possible for the network card to automatically roam between them though and connect to the stronger signal (i'm not entirely sure what the behaviour in this situation would be).

    I don't believe there is a way to block connection to an access point automatically based on it's MAC address (at least using the Windows Zero Config service).

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  • ol69stang
    started a topic Block a certain AP

    Block a certain AP


    I have a PC running XP. There are two APs with the same SSID. One of them is not working but my computer connects to it. Is there a way to get my computer to not connect to this malfunctioning WIFI AP?