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Correctly locate your antenna

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  • Correctly locate your antenna

    This is one of the features listed in the new release summary and it is also shown in the beginning of the Help doc.

    But I find no details anywhere else. Am I missing it?

    The obvious thing is to move the router (antenna) to the highest ss location. But if the router is in the attic and I'm in the basement...

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    You can move the antenna around to maximize your signal strength, as measured by WirelessMon. You might be able to do this both on the antenna and the PC (assuming you have an external antenna).

    Things that will help are, getting line of sight, avoiding having think walls between the 2 antennas, picking a frequency that isn't already congested (as reported by WirelessMon), having a short distance between the antennas, and using directional antennas rather than omni antennas. The last point can also help slightly with security..