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wirelessmon does not work in Vista

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  • wirelessmon does not work in Vista

    UPDATE: *I can get wirelessmon to connect to my unsecured library wifi with Vista WLAN Autoconfig "on" like you'd normally do. *However, *per my original message below, I can not connect to a secured AP using Vista because after clicking through with the SSID box, the "popup message in the system tray" in order to type in the security key does Not comeup.

    ORIGINAL:*I'm running Vista 32 bit/sp1 and wirelessmon v4 build 1007. When I try to login in to an encrypted AP through the Connect to AP box, it says for Vista I will get a "popup message in the system tray" in order to type in the security key. Well, I do Not get the popup message and instead get a can not connect to SSID message instead. I know I'm putting in the correct SSID and Authentication/Encryption Method in the drop down boxes.

    Also some older help messages ( say to turn off WLAN Autoconfig but when I do that, wirelessmon won't even load and instead tells me to turn WLAN Autoconfig on.
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    Vista Doe's Not Accept need to change your Window and need to install Window7 or Win8 If Do not work on it then use10 for wireless mon.


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      We haven't had any issues with the latest build of WirelessMon (V4.0 1009) in Vista, are you using the latest version?