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wirelessmon does not save security keys in Vista

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  • wirelessmon does not save security keys in Vista

    I'm running wirelessmon v4 in Vista. *The "save details and key" checkbox in the Connect to Access Point box, only saves the "details." *It does not save the security key which in Vista has to be typed in a separate popup window that comes up in the system tray. *I can verify this by clicking the Manage button in the Connect to Access Point box the next time I try to connect to the same SSID. *The saved info for that SSID will show greyed out boxes for Secuity Key and Pass Phrase with no values in them.*

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    In Vista/Win7 WirelessMon intitiates the connection but the security key is handled by Windows itself so currently we cannot save it.

    When WirelessMon was first updated to work with the new Wireless system in Vista it did not appear possible (and certainly not well documented) to pass a key for the connection process. However it has been some time since we looked at this process so we'll see if there have been any changes and documentation updates that will allow us to correctly save & use the key during connection.


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      Thanks. *These keys are impossible to remember so you're not logging on unless you have it written down in front of you. *I was wondering why the extra popup box to type in the key since sometimes the Vista notifications/taskbar icons misbehave.

      So are you saying any problems running in Vista will be the same running in Windows 7?


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        If the key entry message does not get displayed in the task bar it could be a configuration issue in WirelessMon that isn't immediately reported as incorrect (eg wrong security or authentication type). Connecting by MAC instead of SSID can also fail to work in Vista/Win7 as well sometimes.

        Vista/Win7/Win8 all share the same underlying system and use the same API for controlling the wireless network settings.