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  • Channel number detection

    Nice program...congrats.

    I have a Linksys WRT54G AP and an Avaya (Orinoco) Worldcard Silver.
    The Summary screen shows Ch.0 and Freq. 0.
    The Channel Use mouseover shows Other.
    The AP list at the bottom shows Ch. 15.

    The WRT54 is set to Ch. 1 and detected as that by NetStumbler.
    I haven't tried changing channels on the Linksys yet, but will do that when I have some more time tomorrow.


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    Hi Michael,

    Is it just with this specific access point that the channel is not returned or with all access points? Please let us know if changing the channel on the access point affects it at all.

    It seems the network card isn't returning a frequency and therefore the channel won't be able to be determined.


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      5 GHz wrong channel number

      On 2,4 Ghz the channel numbers are ok
      on 5 GHz however there are some strange things
      I do have an AP at 5500 MHz ( channel 100) and wirelessmon give channel 618
      Do you know this problem ?
      Radio card is a CM9 of Wistron. Atheros based


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        5 GHz channel numbers

        channel 40 558 in wirelessmon
        104 622
        108 626
        128 646
        140 658

        looks like simple substraction of 518 will give the right number
        small bug ?


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          There was a bug with the 802.11a channel conversion, there is a new build that should correct the problem so the channel is displayed in the list,

          Any channels on the 5Ghz band will be placed in the "other" category for the channel graph.