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Connect to Access Point problem

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  • Connect to Access Point problem

    I can launch WirelessMon and see several APs. When I highlight an AP and try to connect, the WirelessMon window vanishes from my screen. The wireless connection icon on the task bar shows that negotiation is continuing and the taskbar WirelessMon icon is still there. If I move my cursor over the taskbar WirelessMon icon it too vanishes. When I launch WirelessMon again the APs all show up and I am connected to the one I had selected.

    Any idea why I am loosing the WirelessMon window?

    I have removed the program from my computer and downloaded the current version from the website and reinstalled it. No change in the problem.

    I didn't have this problem with the 2.0beta5 version I used before I purchased the Pro Edition.

    I am using a Panasonic CF-18 ToughBook with a Pentium M 1.2Ghz cpu, Windows XP Tablet PC edition 2005 ver. 2002 SP2
    Display Adapter- Mobile Intel 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset Family
    Wireless card- Intel Pro/Wireless 2915AGB

    Thank you, Dale

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    Could you please download and install the debug build from

    Please run it with the DEBUGMODE command line parameter and send us a copy of the "WirelessMonTestLog.txt" that is created. See the "Debug" section of the help file for instructions on how to add a command line parameter

    Could you also please send us a screenshot of the connection dialog (if it gets this far before disappearing) or the SSID/MAC it is trying to connect to if you can't reach the dialog.


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      I downloaded the newer version and had the same results. We found that if the AP's SSID is 32 characters the WirelessMon software shuts down when attempting to associate. If we changed the SSID to 31 characters the WirelssMon software works correctly.


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        This bug should now be fixed in the latest build (2.0 1007),


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          Our tests confirm that we can connect to an AP with a 32 character SSID with the new 2.0 1007 version.

          Thank you,