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  • Automatically connecting?

    Does anyone know how to set Wirelessmon to automatically connect to a network? A couple days back I installed a Linksys wireless networking USB card and it completely messed up my Windows networking...thingie...(don't have a better term for it). Anyway, so now Windows can't detect any wireless networks without a 3rd party program, such as Wirelessmon (I can add the SSID for it to connect but that's too inconvenient* since I'd have to do it everytime Windows restarts). Now I don't mind needing to double-click on the network name through Wirelessmon to connect but my computer is really unstable (PSU I think). And I'm required to idle 18+ hours in this IRC channel as a QCer (I have MIRC launching on start-up and then connecting). Only problem is (I guess you'd know by now) that there's no Internet unless I set Wirelessmon to connect. I'm not always in the house, so..



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    Hi, currently there isn't any way to setup WirelessMon to automatically connect to an access point.

    It sounds like when installing the Linksys device the Wireless Zero Configuration service was turned off, this is the service that lets Windows manage network connections without the need for vendor specific software.

    If you go to the Administrative Tools in the control panel and open the Services section you can check if it is running (it will have a status of started) or not. If it has been disabled restarting it should allow Windows to manage your connection again and be able to set it to automatically connect.