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  • Mapping issues

    When I select all of the wireless connections in the mapping tab, I get the proper mapping colors when doing a manual mapping.
    However, when attempting to focus on a single SSID router, no matter where I am on the map, it logs all cells with purple. I happen to know that this is inaccurate as I then minimize Wirelessmon and can see the target in the upper right hand corner and the single strength through Wirelessmon registers a different strength.

    Any ideas?

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    The signal strength displayed when WirelessMon is minimised if the currently connected access point so i take it you are selecting this particular access point for the map?

    If so is there a difference between the signal strength displayed on the summary tab and the strength as displayed in the access point list?


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      That's just it, when minimized and when on the summary tab, the signal strength is correct. Only when using the mapping feature and selecting that specific AP do the colors show up incorrectly...


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        Could you please take a few samples, save the project file (using the "Save Project File" option in the File menu) and send a copy to me at timr [at] passmark [dot] com.