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Color mappings to signal strength

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  • Color mappings to signal strength

    Good morning,

    I have been using WirelessMon 2 to identify problematic locations for wireless usability in our building, and in the best locations where I have about 45% signal strength I see dark blue to light blue, and in the outer locations where I have about 15%-20% signal strength, I am seeing purple to reddish purple.

    I didn't see a color scale anywhere in the program or online, so I would like to determine what color ranges indicate a usable wireless signal. I'm guessing that the purples and reds indicate a non-usable signal, and the light and dark blues indicate a usable signal. However, I would prefer the input of more experienced users.

    Thank you,
    Isaac Grover

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    Under MAP OPTIONS you can find a checkbox for "Show palette on map". Enable that to see the signal strength %.

    I think that's what you're referring to?



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      In the same map options there is also a "Choose palette" button that will allow you to select one of the other defined colour palettes if you want to change the colours displayed or use of your own created palettes.

      More information on how to create you own colour palette is available in the help file (clicking the help button on the palette selection dialog will take you to the page).