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Pocket PC and Ultra-Mobile Origami support

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  • Pocket PC and Ultra-Mobile Origami support

    We are posting this support question as it might be useful to other users.

    Q. I've been using wirelessmon to perform site surveys for a while now and
    the mapping function is incredibly useful. It occurs to me that it
    would be incredibly useful if it were to be availible for PocketPC/PDAs
    as they would present an ideal package for conducting a site survey with.
    Are there any plans to produce a port for PocketPCs any time in the near
    future ?

    A. We did plan to do a Pocket PC version. But not so long ago Microsoft came out with a new platform. The Ultra-Mobile 'Origami' PCs.
    These are significantly better from our point of view because they run something which is pretty much identical to Windows XP. Which means that WirelessMon should immediately work on these platforms.
    They were still a bit expensive to buy 6 months ago. But we hope the price will drop a bit soon. See also,