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    I am having problems connecting. The monitor keeps saying Unable to connect. It finds the D-link DWL 650 pc card, but the monitor displays N/A in all fields. I am testing using a Linksys BEFW11S4 V.2 router and the monitor is on a laptop running Win 2000 with SP4. Can anyone give me some ideas.

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    What sort of security settings does your access point use, are you using the correct authentication and encryption settings in WirelessMon?

    If you are using a text pass phrase you may want to try using the hex value instead as the function for converting the pass phrase to hex may vary between devices.


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      At this point I am using the default setting on the access point.


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        If it isn't using any security settings then authentication method should be set to open and encryption method set to none.

        Is the SSID field filled in with the correct SSID? Does the MAC address field have the matching MAC address of the access point? Are there any access points in the summary list with the same name?