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Bur-in test program will exit after run 1hr

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  • Bur-in test program will exit after run 1hr

    When we run Bur-in test program over 1hour, the test program will exit and not running.
    With Windows XP + SP3, the test program will exit and not running. -> with BurnInTest Professional edition 32bit v5.3 build 1028

    Under WinXP +SP2 is work normal.
    Change Bur-in test program by BurnInTest Professional edition4.0 build 1011, the test program is normal work.
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    It would have been good if you could have posted
    1) What hardware you have
    2) What test you are running in BurnInTest.
    3) What language the operating system is using (English or something else).

    Also see this post for details of the issue.


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      1) What hardware you have
      Intel Bearlake X38 + ICH9
      CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU 2.33GHz
      RAM: Micron 1Gx2 DDR2
      VGA: nVIDIA Quadro FX5600

      2) What test you are running in BurnInTest.
      CPU - Maths
      CPU - SIMD
      Disk (c
      Disk (d
      Network 1
      Video Playback

      3) What language the operating system is using (English or something else).
      Windows XP (X86) + SP3 English


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        I had try 6.00 beta.
        but, It can be run 15 miniutes only.

        I think that bur-in test program(5.3 build 102 have bug for Windows XP+SP3. For XP+sp2 is OK!


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          We have made a new build of 32-bit BurnInTest Pro, V5.3.1030, to try and address this problem. Could you please download this new build and let us know whether the problem has been resolved, or the behavior has changed.

          The new build can be downloaded here:



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            I will try V5.3.1030 and report for you.


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              Same as before behavoir, bur-in test program will auto exit after about 1hr. (V5.3.1030)


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                Burn-in test program will exit after a few hours

                We have been seeing this intermittently since Nov 2007 and with build 1012 and later builds running Win2k3 32 bit, on a number of different platforms (supermicro and Dell) and number of different configurations. Usually a 2 hour run makes it through, but overnight test runs usually crash.


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                  Just tried Build 1030

                  It crashed in about 30 minutes.


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                    I had try brun-in test program by v5.3.1030 and the system will display error messgae.

                    Could you please release debug version with me for duplicate this issue?

                    Please answer this question ASAP.


                    How to send screenshot to you? Please give me your e-mail address with me.

                    Just before, I send the issue description and no answer with me by "".

                    I had buy Bur-in Test program and pay money for PassMark.

                    Best Regards,


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                      I have sent you an email. If you don't get it, please post again.



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                        Thanks for your email. I have posted the response here for others reading this thread.

                        This is different behavior to the post, where BurnInTest disappears without the "BurnInTest has encountered a problem and needs to close....". Please select "Send Error Report" and we will get the minidump debug file from Microsoft.

                        This problem can occur when there is an error that BurnInTest could not recover from. The error could occur in BurnInTest, a library BurnInTest uses (like DirectX), a device driver, the Windows Operating System or even BIOS. In some cases a hardware error can cause a software problem (like faulty RAM). I would say that in most cases it is BurnInTest exercising a Device driver with a bug or faulty hardware. There are a couple of approaches to try and determine where the fault is:

                        1) As the problem is often a faulty device driver, simply check you have the latest device drivers and update accordingly. If you think it is related to the graphics test, then start by updating the graphics card device driver.

                        2) Get the software error information, such as:
                        - The specific build number: e.g. BurnInTest Professional v5.3.1030
                        - The address related to this problem, e.g. 0x00412345. If this information is not available from a link from the "BurnInTest has stopped working" error window (or you don't see this window) then you can normally get this information from the Windows Application event log. In XP (other operating systems will be similar) the Application event log is here:
                        Start-> right click "My Computer" and select Manage, double click "Event Viewer" on the left hand side of the window, double click "Application" and find the event of type "Error" around the time the problem occurred. This will contain information like:
                        "Faulting application bit.exe, version 5.0.1003.0, faulting module bit.exe, version 5.0.1003.0, fault address 0x00412345."

                        Also, if you get the "BurnInTest has encountered a problem and needs to close...." window, please select "Send Error Report" and we will get the minidump debug file from Microsoft. This can take a bit of time though.

                        3) Reduce the test set until you have the smallest test set (e.g. just the 3D test), then try changing that subsystem, e.g. update the Graphics card device drivers, update DirectX, change the graphics card.



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                          Update about nVIDIA chipset + AMD CPU ran bur-in test program as below:
                          With DELL PowerEdge T105 system and run bur-in test program by v5.3 build 1028,the bur-in test program will auto exit after 7hours.

                          DELL PowerEdge T105 system and test configuration:
                          Chipset: nVIDIA CK804+IO4
                          CPU: AMD Opteron 1212 2.0GHz
                          RAM: DDR-2 Micron 1G x4
                          HDD: SATA HDD WD 250GB
                          VGA: Onboard ATI
                          O.S.:Windows XP included SP3 (X86)
                          bur-in test program: v5.3 build 1028
                          driver install finished and device manager not error or yellow mark.
                          The Events are not display error message and warning in Viwer.


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                            I will try v5.3 build 1031 and report for you next Monday.


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                              We see it as well

                              Have been seeing this same problem as well. We are using an assortment of Dell and SuperMicro chassis with different configurations for CPU memory, hard drive etc. We use Windows 2000 SP4. Test will usually run a few hours than disappear with no explanantion or log files generated.

                              We tried the 1030 version and same symptoms occured!