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Partial HDD disk scan?

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  • Partial HDD disk scan?

    Is it possible for the disk test to only test 2% or 5% of the disk drive and be able to end a cycle? The objective is to get EMC scans of the system doing read/writes and spin-ups and spin-downs. With todays drives, a full scan takes way too long. This might be achieved with a repartition to a smaller drive partition, but I prefer to not do it this way. Is there some percentage setting somewhere to do this?


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    HDD test cycles

    Yes. A couple of options:

    1) Each HDD test cycle writes and verifies a single file (with the size of this file specified by the user in disk preferences). So, if for example you wanted to test 5% of the disk, you could set the file size to 5% of the total disk size and set the number of cycles to 1. (Note: In V4 of BIT, to test the whole disk you need to specify (1/(File size)) as the number of cycles, e.g. for a file size of 5%, 1/0.05 = 20 cycles)

    2) You could specify a time duration for the disk test. If you wanted to do EMC testing for 10minutes, set the duration to 10 in the duty cycle window.

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