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USB 2.0 API and Labview

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  • USB 2.0 API and Labview

    Has anyone ever tried to use the USB 2.0 API with Labview. I need to create an automated Hub Tester and Labview is my first available option.

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    The API was designed for use with Microsoft Visual Studio and C++. But any development language that can call a Windows DLL should be compatible.

    We have had no experience with Labview.


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      This should be interesting then. I guess I will be becoming the expert..LOL!


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        I have been beating on this for a while and I finally have learned enough to make this run in Labview quite nicely.....but I have a question about the API.

        It looks to me that when I call USB2GetBenchmarkResults that I get values returned from the last time I ran the routine, especially, maxRate, maxReadRate, and maxWriteRate. So I am also guessing that my avgRate and avgPossible are calculated on values that were already stored in the routine.

        Is there a way to reset these values?

        To give you an idea of what I am doing I am connecting a hub with 2 USB2 Loopback plugs connected. I eventually get to running USB2GetBenchmarkResults several times while testing each plug individually. I then need to connect the plugs to a different hub and repeat the test, with 'new' results preferably.

        I hope you can help me with this.


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          These values, e.g. max rate, are cleared on loading the dll and on starting the test with USB2StartTest().

          FYI there is sample C++ source code (USB2_DLL_Demo.cpp) in this download: