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  • Burn-In Test Linux questions

    I recently purchased Burn-In Test Linux. I am now setting up my tests and have a few question on its operation.

    Question #1 - Network Test:
    I have two network interfaces I want to test, but when I select the "Test all available NICs" option, I get a "no NICs found error". If I test either interface by itself without the all NICs option set, they work fine. Is there anything else I need to do to test both at the same time?

    Question #2 - Serial Test
    I have four serial ports I am testing in loopback mode. The test runs fine, but when I choose the cycle 115200 option, the cycle counter does not seem to increment. I am still investigating, but the cycle counter did increment with the cycle 230400 option. I got a failure at 230400, however, that seems to indicate my PC does not support that baud rate.

    I am running the test under Fedora 16 (KDE environment) and it is running as root user.


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    Thanks for reporting this, Fedora1 16 has altered the way network devices are named so BurnInTest is no longer able to recognise them. We should be releasing a new build soon to fix this.

    For the serial test, I've been able to reproduce this problem so it will also be fixed in the next build.


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      Do you have any idea when the new build will be out? I need to start testing devices next week. The seial port issue isn't a big deal, but I do need to get the network stuff working. Will it be ready that soon, or should I go to an earlier distribution? Is Fedora 15 OK or should I go further back than that?


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        We should have a build ready for you to try later today.

        Edit: The new build is now available, please let us know how it goes.
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          I'm using Fedora 17 KDE, and it is unable to find my NICs (two) which has brought me here. I noticed the downloaded LBIT is 1005 and your link to 1006 is not available anymore. Did 1006 fix this issue and where can it be downloaded?

          So if I can get past the detection issue, my next question is how to test multiple NICs. I beleive the windows version has a "server" application, what do I need for the Linux setup? Figure below is two computers running LBIT network test, 101 to 104(listen server) and 103 to 102(listen server). Is this possible or do you have a recommendation on how to test both ports with minimum hardware.


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            Version 3 build 1006 should be ready to release in the next day or so, once it is ready i'll update this post with a download link.

            The Linux version of BurnInTest can test up tp 6 network cards at a time but only uses the standard network test (using ICMP ECHO packets), so it doesn't have a client/server setup like the advanced network test in the Windows version.