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Collecting System Information - takes a long time

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  • Collecting System Information - takes a long time

    I'm trying to set up and run some tests, nothing special, just disk, memory, cpu with very little configuration change from what you see. Once you press go I get the 'Collecting system information' dialog with the recommendation to wait until it has finished collecting. I did leave it collecting and left the server for 15 mins whilst I ran a test. I came back to the server and it was still collecting system information.
    When I press continue the tests start up and run fine.

    The server is a new Proliant Win2008R2 with 128GB RAM

    Has anyone got any idea what could be wrong or are there any logs I can look at to see for myself?

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    You can launch BurnInTest with the command line parameter "-u" to put it into debug mode, this will create a debug.trace file, and another timestamped .trace file when the test begins, in the users documents folder (eg C:\Users\Test\Documents\PassMark\BurnInTest).

    If you send us a copy of these files we might be able to identify which part of system information process is causing the issue.


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      Thanks Tim. I have the logs ready zipped up but don't seem to have any permissions to add attachments. I have looked through all the settings but cannot see anywhere I can enable them - can you help?


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        You can E-mail them to us.


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          Thanks David, I have just sent an email with the attachments.