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Can the PassMark BIT software be redistributed?

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  • Can the PassMark BIT software be redistributed?

    I'm planning on redistributing PassMark BIT along with a custom bit of software. I want to redistribute it without my license file and have the user provide their own. If they don't provide a valid license, the software will be unusable.

    So I think I'm OK as far as licensing it concerned. I just want to make sure that I can redistribute it as long as I don't include my license file.

    With that, is there any way to ensure that the license file the user provides is valid without running PassMark tests? I want an automatic way of detecting the license file so the software doesn't just pop up a message box and hangs until someone confirms a dialog of some sort.

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    You can redistribute the trial download install package that we have on our web site, giving people an option to purchase a license if they want.

    By default there is no license file, at least not one we E-mail out. The license key gets entered into the software from an E-mail we sent after purchase.

    There is no way to confirm a key is valid without entering it into the software.