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Auto Update serial number in .bits script (for logs)

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  • Auto Update serial number in .bits script (for logs)

    1. How can i auto set the serial number in the .bits script through the command line, without opening the script file.
    SETSERIAL "1234"
    SETLOG "E:\BurnInTest\1234.htm"
    RUN CONFIG "E:\BurnInTest\Test01.bitcfg" # this could be fixed

    bit.exe -s burnIn_script_test.bits {some argument} #(one can enter is serial number)

    2. For USB, if its detected as E or F, if machine changes
    How can i handle that in script, without opening through command line (one can enter is E or F)

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    1. You can set and use an environment variable, eg %serial%, and it should be replaced in the script when BurnInTest loads it (using the windows function ExpandEnvironmentStrings).

    2. If you're running from a USB drive then you should be able to use a relative path like "1234.html". Also you will need to use "LOAD Test01.bitcfg" before doing "RUN CONFIG".


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      Thanks TIM,
      Anyways we can not do anything at laptop side (set env var).
      Other way like, i will try to write .bitcfg everytime with new serial number (log file name), (using python or LV)


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        Hi TIM,
        If I test my system from USB & keep on changing the system. It will work right? I need to test few systems, one at a time is ok.
        Can be done through USB installation right? or suggest the right way.