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BIT Closes itself when detecting temperature sources.

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  • BIT Closes itself when detecting temperature sources.


    My issue is pretty much what the title says. I start BIT (i have tried 10.1_1004 through the newest available version), and the BIT window will close itself when the text "detecting temperature sources" appears on the bottom of the window. When i run BIT in debug mode(adding -u to the argument list), the issue does not occur and BIT runs normally. BIT also runs normally when i disable temperature logging entirely.

    I have included all of the debug logs i got and hope there is a quick fix i can apply shortly (looks like it wont let me upload the trace logs).

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    Can you please email us the SysInfoLog.txt that was created when running in debug mode.


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      I sent the file that you requested! Thanks for the help!


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        I have the same Problem.
        In Linux (deb 11) and BIT V5.0 Build 1004 crashes in gui mode when i click on the Temperature Tab. When i use the cmd version no Temp sensors are detected.
        And for the future, please add a requirements.txt to the package, because there is nowhere a complete list of software dependencies for BIT in linux...
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