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Where is the forum search function found?

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  • Where is the forum search function found?

    Hello everyone,

    i was browsing through the MemTest86 subforum / channel (or whatever it is called in vBulletin) but i couldn't find the search function of this forum. So since with some forums (actually it was a real long time ago i used forums nowadays) i remembered in order to use the search function one has to be a registered member, so i did that. But no luck.
    So any clues where to find the search function here (or am I too blind to see it)?

    Thanks in advance, JJ

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    Three Options

    Option 1

    Magnifying glass button. Top right corner to search the entire site, including the forums.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Search.png Views:	0 Size:	30.1 KB ID:	46182

    Option 2

    Or you can also just use Google, for example,
    Code: memtest86 errors

    Option 3

    The Forum advanced search function.


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      I must say, this is not exactly what I expected in a forum.
      It is great that your search will query the main website and the forum, but I was expecting a separate search within the forum. I guess JayJack was expecting the same thing.

      Now that I've stumbled across this post, I'll continue my search for a list of keyboard shortcuts that are useable while memtest86 is running.
      I'm super confused/surprised that the user guide doesn't contain a list of keyboard shortcuts.

      The latest user guide has an entry under "Changes in v9.0 (Build 1000) (Feb/2021)" that says:
      - Added keyboard shortcut (F12) to save screenshot to file within the Main Menu

      Based on this, I would expect a full list of keyboard shortcuts to exist somewhere, however I'm unsuccessful in finding a list so far.


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        ESC = Stop
        C = Configuration