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    In one my hard drive there's Reallocated Sector Count "Raw value" 11. It's raised from 2 to 11 about in 4 months. I buyed that drive 28/11/2005. That drive is Seagate Barracuda 80Gt. It's Slave drive and only contains video files. Should i be worried about that drive?

    Edit: i don't understand why this message is such a mess??
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    I don't know why your post was a mess, but it certainly was. I have cleaned it up now.

    The only people who really know how bad this is are Seagate. It is their hardware after all. But getting information from these big companies is like pulling teeth.

    11 is a small number compared to the total number of sectors on the drive. And many drives have a few sectors reallocated. I wouldn't be too concerned if it was my drive.

    But concerned enough to keep a backup of anything I thought important that was on the drive.


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      Count is now 33 and it's raising continuously. Is my drive really going down?


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        Have you done a scandisk?
        If you can do a complete scan it will tell you if you have bad sectors and it may repair them, if not, it's time for a new drive, I had 1 that was losing sectors and I tried to use it to just store backup applications but it was toast in no time
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          I just run Seatools for Dos 'Long test' on that drive and result was "PASSED". Anyway, Reallocated Sector Count 'raw value' is now 90. Is that 'raw value' value that i should look at?

          I really don't know can i trust that drive and is it going to fail any time soon?

          EDIT: I just took off that hard drive. It's time for new one...
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