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Random shutdown on memtest86

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  • Random shutdown on memtest86

    Hi all i got a random shutdown during a memtest 86 run.

    Can a faulty cpu cause this -
    Can a faulty motherboard cause this -
    Can a faulty graphics card cause this -
    Faulty ram i am aware can cause this however i tested the system with other ram and still had this issue.

    Random shutdowns when playing games and when on desktop.

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    I assume this is the same issue that post already posted here?

    Any of the above can cause a problem. Basically anything that uses electricity can have a short circuit and trip the power supply into shutting down. (and there are a dozen types of more subtle electrical faults).

    Buggy Windows device drivers are also a big cause of bad behavior (system crashes and reboots). But in that case you shouldn't see the same behavior in MemTest86.