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Test 6 strangely failing after hardware replacements

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  • Test 6 strangely failing after hardware replacements


    First, thank you very much for your excellent software and hard work.

    Because of catastrophic component failure, I had to replace several components (PSU, motherboard and RAM). While not all of the RAM had failed, I replaced all four DIMMs so that the new ones would match, down to their revision numbers.

    Replacements for the PSU and motherboard are the exact same SKUs; for the RAM, I used the same SKU, albeit a different, more up-to-date revision (as the older revision is no longer being sold around here). My components are as follows: a Ryzen 9 5950x CPU, an ASUS Crosshair VIII Dark Hero motherboard (BIOS version is 3904) and 128GB of DDR4-3200 RAM (two kits of Corsair 2x32GB CMK64GX4M2E3200C16 v4.49 RAM, replacing v3.40 that I used to have). Everything is set at stock speeds, and nothing is overclocked.

    Before the failure, the machine was stable. However, after having replaced said components I cannot seem to successfully complete a RAM test. That is, while all other tests succeed, I get (mostly) reproducible failures on test 6. Said failures mostly happen after one successful pass, so when test 6 is reached on pass 2 and onwards, errors start ramping up (sometimes instantly after test 6 begins). Failing addresses are all around the place (from 190MB and all the way up to the high 90GB's, however due to RAM interleaving I cannot be sure whether or not the failures happen in one stick). Moreover, failures are detected on all CPU cores, without exception.

    I have no idea what this could be attributed to. To my understanding, CPU and RAM involvement cannot be ruled out. However, due to the fact that the first pass *does* succeed, I wanted to ask whether this could be a bug in test 6 with regards to this specific memory revision and BIOS version?

    Searching online revealed that there used to be an issue with test 6 before (see:, so I am just asking out of caution, as I would preferably spare myself of doing another round of hardware replacements.

    For the sake of completeness, I've attached a screenshot of one of my initial testing sessions (perhaps some useful information is seen in it).

    P.S. Having used the free version before, I purchased the Pro version today. I haven't run any extended tests with it yet, but I wonder if there is a significant benefit to running the additional tests (11 and 12), in terms of determining RAM issues?

    Thank you very much!
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    There was a rare bug in Test #6 in V4 of MemTest86. But we are up to V9.4 at the moment and that bug was fixed 9 years ago.

    So much more likely it is a real hardware issue.

    There are some trouble shooting steps here

    I wonder if there is a significant benefit to running the additional tests (11 and 12), in terms of determining RAM issues?
    Now that you have already found some errors, I don't think there is much additional benefit running more / different tests. Getting a positive or negative result on test #11&12 isn't going to change the results from Test #6