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Adding Notes to a case

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  • Adding Notes to a case

    Is there a way to add notes to a case, for example I had some details of a case of some items that I needed to look for. For now I using CaseNotes ( and then attaching the file to the case. The problem is if you can only open the file using the CaseNotes application. It would be nice to have a way to enter notes for the case and possibly have each entry timestamped.

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    You can add arbitrary file to the case, include text files and Word docuemnts. And the time the file is added is recorded, along with a SHA-1 hash of the file.

    There are also bookmarks and the opportunity to add notes to each object added to the case.

    But I guess you are asking for a quicker method to add notes, with an inbuilt text editor of some sort? Without needing to write a note in for example Notepad before adding it? Correct?


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      Yes, it would be nice to have some type of text editor built in. I am attaching files to the cases and that does work, I like the way case notes secures and timestamps each note but it is not portable and would have to be installed for someone to access the files. Just a thought of a nice to have but not a show stopper for a future version. I really like using OSForensics and recommending to others to give it a try. Great work.


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        Just updating a few older posts with some progress.

        Adding quick text based notes is now available in OSF from the Case management window.