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  • OSFMount problem


    I would like to mention a bug for OSFMount.

    I have a raw file hdd image mounted with rw and remote options as physical drive.
    (practically using this command line -a -t file -f h:\virtUSB32GB_Portable.img -o rw,rem,physical)

    But when I put my computer to sleep and get back online, the image gets disconnected
    and all the programs started from the virtual hdd image, cannot write or read from it and get closed with an error (obviously)

    This does not happen when the same options are used to mount the image as Logical drive.
    But it is not feasible for me to use the hdd image as logical drive, because my firewall does not see programs from that image as normal drive letter path as command line .

    Hopefully you could provide a fix for this, or let me know what to do to get it working without problems.


    I am using OSFMount v31 and Windows 10 [[Version 10.0.19042.662])

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    Device drivers and sleep states are complex. If there is an issue, it is unlikely there will be a short term solution.
    Why is the firewall involved if these programs are running locally?
    Firewall are for network traffic.


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      I understand there couldn't be a short term solution to this. Hopefully you could fix it in the next release.

      I run portable programs from a virtual hdd/usb image, mounted always with P: drive letter to maintain junctions/hard links and also firewall rules.
      I have Netpeeker as firewall.

      When I mount it like that every program run from that logical mounted image has the path as \Device\OSFMDisk0\Path_to_exe\program_name.exe and not P:\Path_to_exe\program_name.exe how it would be expected (and how it is when I mount the image as physical drive).

      Because of this I don't get any program icons in Process Hacker (task manager) for example and also I have to accept/deny rules for every program that tries to communicate on network, because Netpeeker detects new paths of the programs \Device\OSFMDisk0\Path_to_exe\program_name.exe, and can't use already made rules for drive P programs.

      When I mount it as physical drive, everything is ok, except the more important sleep/wake-up case, in which as I mentioned the mounted drive just disappears after wake-up.
      Causing probably NTFS partition corruption as well, and all the programs I have opened from the logical drive exiting with errors, .