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Why does BatteryMon label every battery a Nickel Metal Hydride?

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  • Why does BatteryMon label every battery a Nickel Metal Hydride?

    I've been testing multiple laptop batteries and BatteryMon says they are all NiMH. One was detected Lithium Ion once it discharged below 30% or so. I know they aren't NiMH. What is wrong with BatteryMon?

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    We haven't noticed anything wrong. But has been a while since we looked at this. So maybe there are some newer battery systems reporting different information which the software isn't taking into account.

    We'll take a deeper look.


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      We had a look at the code and the BatteryMon software seems to comply with the latest Battery_Information specifications regarding chemistry.

      So we think it is a problem with the particular Laptops (their charging circuits).


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        These are Amazon ordered third party batteries for older HP laptops 2010-2013 (dv5 and dv6 models). Once the battery is discharged to around <20% the first time, BatteryMon identifies it as Li-ion. But for every battery I've tested, it is NiMH until discharged to this level. It may be computer specific, or it may be related to cheap third party design.


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          Likely the charging circuit in this Laptop was never expecting this type of battery and doesn't identify it correctly.
          I agree it is strange however that the chemistry changes based on the charge level.