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Please help! frustrated!

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  • Please help! frustrated!

    hey fellas i just got a brand new dell inspiron15r with Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-24010M CPU @2.30Ghz, 4gb ram, 640gb hdd and a 1gb nvidia graphic card.

    the average baseline on the site shows 3000+ and my laptops performance test showed only 1060. I have no idea why is this so. and m actually a bit worried. Please help! Thank you!!

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    Check you are running the 64bit software if you have a 64bit O/S.
    Also check the power saving options in the Windows control panel and in BIOS.

    Then work your way through this list of common reasons for bad performance.


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      In the system properties its showing that its a 32-bit operating system. can i convert it to a 64-bit os ???
      everything else seems to be just fine since its a new system. also the drives are quite empty and defragmented.


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        There is no reason at all to run 32bit Windows on a new machine. But several good reasons to run 64bit Windows, like being able to use all your RAM. Plus you'll get a higher benchmark score.

        To move to a 64bit O/S requires a complete re-install however.

        everything else seems to be just fine since its a new system
        There is no reason to assume this. Many of the major manufacturers deliver machines in a unsuitable state. Too much bloat ware and power settings configured for maximum battery life rather than maximum performance.


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          everything else like the power options settings is configured for better battery life and all that. Anyway ill try and install a 64bit os. Thanks a lot. appreciate the help!