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Intel Core i3-3220 vs 3225

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  • Intel Core i3-3220 vs 3225

    I've seen the passmark scores on these two CPUs: Intel Core i3-3220 and Intel Core i3-3225. The specifications are almost the same on them, but the 3225 cpu has Intel HD Graphics 4000, compared to Intel HD Graphics 2500 used by the 3220. Still, 3220 got a fairly better score than the 3225 and I would like to know why.
    Does the integrated graphics affect the performance on a CPU (meaning that 3225 is not able to keep up with the faster and better Intel HD Graphics 4000) ?
    If I'm not going to buy a video card until...let's say March 2013, which one of these CPUs would you recommend for everyday use (some games, audio playback, video playback, Internet surfing)?
    Thanks in advance.

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    The CPU result is unaffected by the integrated graphics included in the chip.

    We only had 3 samples for the 3225 and one of them was bad. Looks like the BIOS wasn't setup right and the 2nd core wasn't being detected in the bad sample. It has now been deleted, so the average of the remaining results is much higher.

    The 3225 is the better chip.


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      Using Onboard Graphics

      Since you're planning on using the onboard GPU to begin with, go for the HD4000. The WEI scores are going to be better. Movie playback and Gaming is going to be better as the 4000 blows the 2500 out of the water. Based on my experience, anything less then 500 points difference in benchmarks for CPU's falls within the variation of CPU quality. In other words, the 3225 you get, may actually test slower then 3220. Also since you're planning on adding a dedicated card in the future, that will easily make up for the difference between the two chips.
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