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Low DX 12 Performance RTX 3070

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  • Low DX 12 Performance RTX 3070

    I upgraded from my RX 5700 and my new RTX 3070 FE is getting lower DX12 Performance which doesn't make sense. It also got lower 2D Graphics score.

    Ryzen 7 3700X (No OC)
    RAM 16GB 3000 XMP
    Latest Nvidia Driver
    Ryzen Balanced Power Plan
    Prefer performance GPU Settings
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    Please don't post the same thing multiple times.


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      ​​Yes, that doesn't look at all right.

      Here's my own Gigabyte Eagle (non-OC and air-cooled) RTX3070 3DMark results on an R5 3600
      (see attached file RTX3070)

      Click image for larger version

Name:	RTX3070.JPG
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      I'd say my own result comes from
      1. Clean install of drivers: very important to remove ALL AMD/ATI driver files via DDU, and do a clean install of the NVidia drivers.
      2. Using MSIAfterburner to push up the limits of the 3070: you don't have to go crazy, just a +5% increase in power helps, and I add +98 to the core clock and +529 to the memory clock. It's perfectly stable at that level, and temperatures rarely exceed 65C, unless its being 'tortured'.
      3. System RAM is amazingly important to video cards: you say yours is XMP 3000. Mine is XMP 3600 18-22-22-45 at 1.35v, but tightened to 3733 16-19-19-16-36 at 1.35v.
      4. I push my CPU to its limits within it's normal power envelope and its normal air-cooling. So I've set it to 4125 MHz all cores, rather than 3600 - that required a small voltage boost on the cpu, that I think is tolerable (I might push this back down).

      I've also attached the full passmark 10 score.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	7945Passmk_ 532twr14.JPG
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ID:	49572

      You will be able to see where yours differs. I shouldn't worry about a 10% difference, as that is probably due to some of the tuning I've done.

      Hope this helps.

      I'm impressed with your RX5700 2D score! I don't think the 3070 will be much different there.
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