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Disk test doesn't max NVME speeds.

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  • Disk test doesn't max NVME speeds.

    Why doesn't the drive benchmark test nvme drives at top speed? Running the benchmark on 2 980pro's separately and combined in a raid0 array the test never goes over 4,343MB/s. The top speed on 1 - 980pro is over 7,000MB/s and 2 in a raid0 have a top speed over 11,000. I've noticed this since the 980pro came out and I've been meaning to post this question for a while.

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    I think you'll find the disks are 100% busy during the test run. Meaning they can't go any faster in your system under this test scenario. The vendors of these drives like to claim huge speeds, but in real life scenarios they almost never hit the claimed speeds.

    Try running some of the advanced tests in PerformanceTest instead.

    (if they aren't 100% busy then maybe there is some other bottleneck in your system. e.g. your RAID controller or the CPU, or the PCIe bus).