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Very Low rating compared to charts

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  • Very Low rating compared to charts


    I have a Intel Pentium 4 3.2 ghz and according to charts, I should get something near 501 and I barelly get more than 171 doing the tests with nothing in background and nothing loaded.

    This is kind of anoying as I can't play games anymore without having extremly low fps at lowest graphics possible ( I have a 6800GT 256 mg and I'm unable to play WoW over 5 fps anymore where I was at 60 before) and even loading internet is hard.

    When I get in my BIOS, I see the computer speed set to 3.20 ghz and same when I boot. But I get something really bad : My CPU temp is over 175 F in idle... don't even ask me in games. My cpu fan is clear from dust, worked well during 3 years.

    My dxdiag show my CPU as a 3.20 ghz too...

    Don't know what to do. My Motherboard could be deffective or something like that?

    If anyone have information of anykind, it would be appreciated.

    Thanks a lot,
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    Got it

    Hi, no longer need this thread... managed to solve my problem!

    Seems that it was not well cleaned enough... lol