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Question on 2D and 3D scores

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  • Question on 2D and 3D scores

    Would someone please explain or point to where I can find info on what components besides the GPU the 3D and 2D benchmark stresses? Does it have more to do with the MOBO/RAM or chipset? I am trying to figure out why a computer would have a very high 3D score and have a very low 2D using v9. If it looks normal please let me know.
    Rating: 2732.3
    CPU 7726.0
    2D 720.6
    3D 9252.6
    MM 2571.4
    DM 746.6

    MB: Ausu P8Z77-VLK
    P: i5 3570K not OC
    GPU MSI GTX 970
    16 g ram 1866 DDR3 Timings 9/10/9/28
    HD Seagate 6400 RPM 500G
    Running Dual 1080P monitors

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    2D result also depends CPU performance, the settings you have turned on in Windows (like Aero etc..), the video hardware and the device driver.


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      Then I had my suspicions pretty much confirmed reading two posts.

      Running dual Xeon 2670v2 I have pretty bad single threaded performance and that is pretty obvious limitation for many 2D and 3D benchmarks, not only Passmark. I have a CPU score of 22000+ but with my (primary) GTX1070 I only get ~8000 pts for the 3D graphics mark and 496 (!) pts on the 2D mark. Though I can say in reality, this machine is an absolute beast for 3D as well as 2D - I do 4-5K multichannel compositing in 32bit color and it's a breeze for this box.


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        Originally posted by Farmfield View Post
        I do 4-5K multichannel compositing in 32bit color and it's a breeze for this box.
        I don't know what software & method you are using, but the task is likely
        A) Threaded and
        B) CPU bound.

        So CPU performance might be more important for your job than GPU performance.