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    Why is my f3-2133c9q-32ghx so slow on the benchmarks 1562 and i have the newest PT version
    Hawks pc is the benchmark name
    And on system its showing 4 cores

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    Don't know what a f3-2133c9q-32ghx is.

    I couldn't find the baseline based on the name. Do you have the number or the URL?

    See this post to start with,
    It covers the common performance issues.


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      Its a gskill ripjaws ram f3-2133c9q-32ghx
      13053 is the item number hawkeyes-pc is the name
      1553 seems really low for a memory score


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        Found the baseline.
        Yes, memory results look a little low. Did you try enabling XMP in BIOS and / or manually adjusting the timings?


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          asus doesnt use xmp they use DOCP and is on the timings are good The score still the same. now my old ram was tested and it scored 4064 and the pc number is
          BL585030 the ram in it named GEIL part number GO332GB1333C9QC PC3 10666 1333MHz
          Now my new ram scores 1550 pc number 13053 how can this be the new ram is way faster


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            I think you find ASUS do use XMP profiles. Even if they don't call it XMP in the BIOS.
            Do you have dual / tri channel active?


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              does not give a option for that
              when i run pt test and after it loads my cpu ram gpu at the start i click on my ram and every time it gives my different readings about what the ram timing and how much ram is installed
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                Ok it looks like all the high ram scores are from intel and the low scores are all amd does amd make up for it in another way or it is what it is

                BL008331 - Oct 30 2012 Latency58 ns
                Read Uncached6.8 GB/s AMD
                Write5.7 GB/s

                BL007374 - Oct 27 2012 Latency20 ns
                Read Uncached16.5 GB/s INTEL
                Write14.1 GB/s

                This is the typical results


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                  The best Intel CPUs do get better RAM results than most AMD machines.

                  But the best AMD machines do score a bit better than the BL008331 result above.

                  The best AMD results we have seen are around,
                  Latency 42 ns
                  Read Uncached 8.3 GB/s
                  Write 7.5 GB/s

                  Having said that, the best Intel machines are even quicker than the result you posted above.


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                    Can you please give me the build number i do have the newest 8350


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                      Not sure what you mean by build number.
                      You can search for benchmark results in PerformanceTest.

                      In the baseline management window, there is the advanced search tab.
                      Select AMD CPUs and sort by memory score, then search.