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Reset the test settings to default?

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  • Reset the test settings to default?

    Hi, I changed a bunch of the test settings under the advanced tab, foolishly thinking there would be a "reset to default" option somewhere. And maybe there is? If not, how do I do that? Thanks.

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    There are several advanced tests. Which one were you using?
    (not that the default values have any real significance)


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      This is something that I was also wondering about. I have no need of that function right now, but may well do. Talking about all tests.
      Is there a universal reset to default option, or reset to default for each individual advanced/all tests?

      Just a simple yes or no please. Oh, well if yes where is it?
      I do understand your meaning that default tests have little value, but, regardless I would have thought it possible to do so. That's all. Thank you.


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        I didn't say default tests have little value. I said that the one set of setting is not more significant than another in general. For example, running a disk test with a 1GB test file is not more significant than using a 2GB test file. Both have some value however.

        You can reset everything by deleting this file while PerformanceTest is NOT running.
        C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\PassMark\Perform anceTest9\LastUsed.cfg


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          Right, sorry David. That was actually a careless typo.
          Also, thanks for the last line, directory C:\Users etc etc..