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PT9 Crashes at startup on Baytrail system - Intel Celeron CPU N2930

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  • David (PassMark)
    I've sent you an Email. We'll probably need to send you a debug build next week.

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  • IdealLife

    Well, thanks, was able to narrow down a bit. The command line /DontGather options caught my eye, as the crash was happening after displaying the 'Collecting CPU information' message.

    Didn't see it listed, but tried a /DontGatherCPU option, and no crash this time.

    There is a popup message that 'Multimedia instruction tests cannot be run as the CPU doesn't support SIMD.'

    Any suggestion how to narrow down further?


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  • David (PassMark)
    See this FAQ post to start with

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  • PT9 Crashes at startup on Baytrail system - Intel Celeron CPU N2930

    Hi there,

    Having a problem with BSoD when starting PT9. Anyone have a couple pointers?

    0.000s - DEBUG: Starting...
    0.063s - DEBUG: Start time: 2019/09/27, 09:51:46.521
    0.094s - DEBUG: PerformanceTest 9.0 build 1031 64-Bit
    0.110s - DEBUG OS: Windows 10 build 14393 (64-bit)
    0.125s - DEBUG Path: C:\Program Files\PerformanceTest
    0.156s - DEBUG Command line: PerformanceTest64.exe debugmode
    0.172s - Date: 09/27/19 09:51:46
    0.203s - HORZRES - 1024 VERTRES - 768
    0.219s - LOGPIXELSY - 96 LOGPIXELSX - 96 DPIScale - 1.000000
    0.219s - DEBUG: Opening splash window
    0.844s - DEBUG: UTF8StringToWChar string truncated (FCBGA1224/FCPGA932nm -> FCBGA1224/FCPGA)
    0.985s - DEBUG: Init CD Burner
    1.188s - DEBUG: Retrieving Computer Name
    1.203s - DEBUG: Retrieving OS Name
    1.297s - Windows 10 build 14393 (64-bit)
    1.313s - DEBUG: Retrieving Graphics Info
    2.016s - Video adapters: iNumDD 2
    2.031s - Video adapter 0: bDisplay: 1 szDeviceDescription: Intel(R) HD Graphics szDriverVersion: : Memory: 2155507712
    2.047s - Monitor 0:1 1024x768x32 60Hz 96 DPI (Primary monitor)
    2.047s - Video adapter 1: bDisplay: 0 szDeviceDescription: szDriverVersion: : Memory: 0
    2.063s - DEBUG: Retrieving USB Info
    2.953s - DEBUG: GetProcessList
    2.953s - DEBUG: SysInfoDLL_Results::GetProcessList start
    2.969s - DEBUG: SysInfoDLL_Results::GetProcessList finished
    2.985s - DEBUG: Checking language and local
    3.000s - DEBUG: Got language and local
    3.016s - DEBUG: Creating main window
    3.156s - DEBUG: Updating Baseline List
    3.172s - Updating baseline: using OS:
    3.188s - Windows 10 build 14393 (64-bit)
    3.344s - DEBUG: Finished updating Baseline List
    3.516s - CD3DApplication::BuildDeviceList start
    3.516s - CD3DApplication::BuildDeviceList adapter 0 of 1
    3.547s - CD3DApplication::BuildDeviceList finish
    3.563s - DEBUG PERF: Initialize3DEnvironment
    3.563s - DEBUG PERF: AdjustWindowForChange start
    3.578s - DEBUG PERF: AdjustWindowForChange done
    3.594s - DEBUG PERF: DX9 CreateDevice
    3.610s - DEBUG PERF: DX9 CreateDevice OK
    3.625s - DEBUG PERF: DX9 CreateDevice success