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Global linking of testcase templates to other project test cases

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  • Global linking of testcase templates to other project test cases

    Is there a way in TestLog where when you change certain steps in your test cases that you created long time back as templates and which you use as part of a project get reflected in the same test case that you used in your project? If this is not possible, I have so many test cases (old templates) that I need to modify few steps and I will have to do this across all the test cases where this appears in the project.

    Also, is there a way I can generate a report on tester progress?

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    Once test cases are dragged into a project there is no link between the project test cases and the original test case, any changes made won't be reflected.

    To report on a single testers progress you could create a filter with a particular tester ID and create a status or progress report using that filter, only test cases with that tester will be added to the report.


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      Is there any road map to fix this global linking issue?
      When is the next release planned that includes more reporting capabilities as I read some where in this forum?


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        It's something that will be considered when planning the next major version, along with more reporting options. This version is likely to start being developed early next year with a release of Q2 2008.