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  • Licensing question

    I have TestLog installed on my local machine.

    Occasionally (like once a month) one of my developers or QA staff will need to log in and run a report when I am not around.

    Will that require a full license?

    Also, how does TestLog differentiate between users when they are all running their own clients, but connecting to a shared DB up on the server?

    There is no log in for TestLog, is it using the windows user login as an identifier?

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    No it won't require an additional licence, the TestLog licence is per install, so if they are just using your machine that's fine.

    Right clicking on a Tester in a database give the option to "Set as current user" so any edits made can be attributed to them. I believe if no user is selected it will default to the computer name.


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      User Authentication

      For me, TestLog uses weak user authentication and authorisation, i.e. it uses the permission of the database files (e.g. shared drive). Any user of the client application can set any tester as the current user.
      I would prefer that TestLog checks the currently logged-in Windows user id and then checks whether a tester with the same id exists in the database. If a match is found, TestLog sets this as the current user. Alternatively, if no match was found in the database, the user shall be selected from the list of tester. In the later case, I would like to authenticate the user by requiring a password (configurable enable/disable).
      Users of the web access already require a password that could be used for the clients as well.