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TestLog version 2.0 beta available

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  • TestLog version 2.0 beta available

    The latest beta of version 2.0 has been released. For more information see

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    2.0 Beta bugs

    Start program without open table. Select menu Create->Test suite. Click Cancel, application will close.
    Either you must disabled all temporary useless controls or correct its response.


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      "New test case" window. Priority and incremental IDs - its greatful additions, thank you very much
      1. In the extra dialogs "Initial condition" and "Expected results" input focus set at the input field, please.
      2. It would be cool to add extra dialog for "Description and Steps"

      In main window. Create some report and start to rename it, but don't finalize renaming, then select Report->Report wizard, application will crash.

      I'm waiting for a greatful interface feature that implies three views: Projects, test cases (configurations etc.) and viewer. For example, Projects in upper left corner, cases under Projects in separate tree. That will be more convenient to separate cases and projects in different trees.

      Please, make default folder to save database in "My documents\Testlog" or something like. Because "My document" have a link in file dialogs.

      Thats all, folks )))


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        We have reproduced the two crash conditions that you have found. So they should be easy to correct, now that we know about them. Corrections will be available in the next beta.

        We have also noted your other suggestions. I can't imagine that we will be doing an complete overhaul of the interface for V2 at this late stage, but the minor things like the input focus can and will be fixed.

        Thanks for talking the time to report these issues.



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          new features

          I've offered suggestion about interface not in v.2.0 of course )
          So, there are another features to improve. I think it will be supported by another users.
          1. When enter time duration (expected and actual) as 0:5 (e.g.) then application transform it to 0:50. User have to type 0:05, but often forget about it.
          2. In TestHistory date shows in incorrect form and usually in unreadable symbols. Maybe this bug not reproduced in English system, but in multilanguage system it presents.
          3. The same thing in progress reports.

          4. In further versions there will be greatful if you change internal logical structure. Such as security or access. That is now every tester may open database and edit test cases, but ideally, ordinary testers can only work with projects only. Ordinary tester cannot edit everything except Excecution Result.

          Thanx for patience )


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            features, bugs

            1. We have test suite with test cases within it. After you create another test case in this test suite you cannot rename test suite until you restart TestLog.
            2. It would me great if blank fields will not appears in viewer. For example, if i nothing added to Test Configuration or Test Resources (or other fields) then name of these fields will not be showed. Because these fields are useless.


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              one more

              1. In "edit test case" window combobox "priority" must be checkonly style. When i try to write someting my Testlog crashes. When i try view saved test case with this priority, my testlog crashes.

              2. Imagine you have test suit "S1" and "S2" within "S1". You have test cases within S1 and within S2. Move S1 to the Project. You may see test cases in S1 are with yellow icons and "Last Attempt" is unchecked. But test cases within S2 are with white icons and "Last Attempt" is checked.


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                Hello, everybody
                1. Please, if possible, allow to Copy selected text from Viewer, while vieweing test cases
                2. "Find and Replace" dialog - unlogical Zorder of fields and buttons
                3. "Find and Replace" dialog - cannot replace more than one instance from one file. The file is lock after first replacing.
                4. Right click on any item in left tree, then trying to move TestLog window -> widnow popup menu appears (?)


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                  Thanks for reporting those issues.

                  We've just released the latest version of the beta ( with the follwing changes;
                  • Fixed crash when trying to create a new test case/test suite etc when no database is loaded
                  • Input focus is set to the edit field for extra popup dialog for test cases and project test cases
                  • Fixed crash when using report wizard if an item in the treeview has been selected and in the process of renaming
                  • Fixed bug where angle brackets "<>" would not be displayed properly in test case title
                  • Fixed bug where a test suite couldn't be renamed after creating a new test case in it
                  • Fixed a bug where copying and pasting a node to iteslf would continually copy iteslf rather thean copying to the parent node
                  • Fixed bug where where sub levels of test suites were not converted to project test suites properly when dragged into a project
                  • Fixed tab order of Find and Replace dialog
                  • Fixed bug with files being locked incorrectly during Find and Replace
                  • Fixed bug where "Priority" was able to be edited from the set values and would cause a crash when trying to save test case


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                    When I choose created filters its not work. Filters work only in report wizard and right side of viewer, but in project tree is not. But that would be very very greatful if filtered cases not showed everywhere.


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                      The filters are designed to only affect the report generation and list views. The tree view is designed as a navigational aid and to display all the available items in the database, rather than just a subset of filtered items.

                      Is there a particular scenario where you need the filter applied to the tree view?


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                        Beta 2.0

                        I have a database setup up with two large regression test plans and when I attempt to generate a report the appliacation crashes and no report i generated. I am able to generate a report in the first project, bu the second crashes the application.[/code]


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                          Which type of report are you trying to generate, does it only crash on one of the report types or on all of them?


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                            Beta 2.0 Testing

                            We had a project that must of had some currupt files, or locked folders that would crash the application when any report that could be generated was generated.

                            I created a new project and copied the test suites and test cases to the new project and then deleted the old project then renamed the new project to the name of the project that I deleted and all is working OK.

                            What would it take to add N/A to the pass/Fail/Other section of the test case? There are instances that some of the test may not be run because of hardware configuration.

                            Please Note, that I have 3 testers evaulating your application and to this point, they are very happy with the features and general use.



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                              We're going to be looking at status customisation after version 2 is released.

                              We've just released the latest version of the beta ( with the following changes;
                              • Added priority to project test case multiedit
                              • Fixed bug where create history item could be reset when editing a test case
                              • Fixed bug where extrapolated time in status report was calculated too high
                              • Fixed bug where creating a new database from the welcome dialog would cause the database upgrade message to appear
                              • Fixed bug where resizing a graphical report could cause the right click menu to become unavailable
                              • Fixed bug where a created status report would display empty if the status events were before the start of the project. Where possible, reports generated with the old version will be displayed correctly.