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  • Sorting!

    Is there a way to turn off Test Case sorting. It's pretty annoying for Testlog to decide my sort order. Especially with the number sorting! It sorts 1, 11,2,3. I might just want to sort by test priority, resource, etc.. not title. Please Please tell me there is a way.

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    Are you talking about sorting on a list report, in the test case window, or what? Just fooling around with the sample database, I found that I could change the display/sorting by clicking on the column headings. This makes a green triangle appear. Point-up is alphabetical or numerical, and point-down is reverse. This worked both viewing the test case list report on-screen and looking at lists of test cases in suites, etc.

    Hope that helps.


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      Sorry about that, I'm talking about sorting in the tree view, I would like to determine how and if I want to sort the tree view. Currently I do not want a sort at all, however later I might want to change it to a test case number with leading/trailing 0's.

      Does this help


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        The treeview is sorted alphabetically by default and there currently is no way to change the direction or category used to sort.
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