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Vista Not showing Ap's, sometimes

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  • Vista Not showing Ap's, sometimes

    Hi. I am evaluating the program and I get mixed results on Vista. I am patched to whatever was available the morning of October 10th. I have an Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN card in a Dell Latitude 830 laptop. The intel driver is version (latest from Dell and Intel website).

    When I'm pre-connected to an AP and start the program, I see the connection information in the upper part of the summary but no AP's are shown in the list.

    When I click on the disconnect icon, then the AP shows in the list.

    If I re-connect within your program, then the AP still shows in the list, but I get no information in the upper section.


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    There is a beta build of the next release available that has several Vista improvements in it, could you please try and let me know if there is an improvement.


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      The beta release has the same issue.


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        Could you please run WirelessMon with the DEBUGMODE command line parameter and send us the log file that is created.


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          The beta or production version?


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            The next release will be available in a few hours so it's probably best to wait for it to be released and use it.


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              Same issue -I'm connected to the AP but it doesn't show up in the list.

              EDIT: Duplicate using eval version on another Dell model with a broadcom chipset. What are you using?
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                The two laptops i've been using are both dells, an Inspiron 8600 and Inspiron
                700m, both with intel 2200BGs, as well as using a Netgear USB card.

                If you could run the latest version in debug mode, starting WirelessMon while already connected to an access point and then disconnecting from within WirelessMon we'll take a look at what could be happening.


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                  Something else I noticed - its showing channel number beyond 12, for example 32778.