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  • Problem Windows 7 64 Bits

    Iīm having some strange problem with wirelessmon on windows 7 64 bits, the application starts, but it stays on systray and it wont let me restore the app window , even if i right click the wirelessmon icon on systray no menu is displayed, it stays minimized (on tray) and doesnīt open... im not getting any error message itīs like the aplication is running but i canīt use it.
    Wirelessmon was working before, i donīt remember any major change on my sistem for it to stop working.
    Please, iīll apreciate any help/tip you can give so i wont have to reinstal my OS again..GOD i HATE WINDOWS but im still using it! damn

    Sorry my poor english

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    Maybe the application is no longer running.
    We have seen instances of where windows doesn't remove icons in the system tray.

    Did you try running WirelessMon again? Or rebooting then running it again.

    I don't think the problem has anything to do with 64bit, or even Win7 in particular for that matter.


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      Thanks for your fast answer, im sure itīs running because i see the app on process tab, on app manager but itīs not on application tab....if i try to open wirelessmon again it says that "there is an other copy of the app running and opening 2 copies can cause inestability " (Or smth like that) ...y have tried oppening the 2nd copy anyway and iīll get 2 process running but no window to control the aplication or right clik funcionality to close it from systray.


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        Can you try restarting your PC.


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          Restart the computer ? Iīve done that several times ...itīs the first windows thing i did...or you mean reinstalling the os again?


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            Could you please try deleting the WirelessMon config file, it should be located at "C:\ProgramData\PassMark\WirelessMon\configsetup.i ni", and then restarting WirelessMon. This is a hidden directory so you will need to change the folder options in Windows to show hidden file and directories.

            If this has no effect could you please run WirelessMon in debug mode (using the command line parameter DEBUGMODE, more in the WirelessMon help) and send us the log file that is generated.


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              Thanks Timr, when i saw you gave me something to try i had hope again i wouldnīt have to reinstall de os again... but it didnīt work , y deleted the file you told me to, but when y opened wirelessmon it was still stucked in systray.
              I moved to create the debug file but i canīt, (probably im doing smthg wrong) hereīs what i did:
              Right click on wirelessmon icon -> Properties --> and left the destination box like this:
              "C:\Program Files (x86)\WirelessMon\WirelessMon.exe" /DEBUGMODE
              But no file was generated on wirelesmonn directory

              the other way i tryed on CMD was to reach \wirelessmon directory and write: WirelessMon.exe /debugmode

              but again app launched but no file was generated.
              Please tell me if iīm doing something wrong

              Guys i really apreciate your help youīre great!
              I wanted to tell you that Iīm using your software for my grade tesis about wireless propagation models on 2.4ghz and how electromagnetic wave is afected by the human body. Iīm making backup as i write this because in a few days we have to make some field measures for the investigation, and as last resource iīll format my HD and reinstall windows and wirelessmon.
              Iīll wait as long as i can so i can send to you this report probably it will help to fix some bug or if there is no bug solving this will be useful to someone else in the future.

              Thank you very much, Again i really apreciate all your help.

              see you soon


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                Your first method by editing the shortcut should work but you don't need the leading /, so just DEBUGMODE.

                The file should be created in C:\ProgramData\PassMark\WirelessMon (the Vista/Win7 data directory).


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                  Thanks deleting the / solved the is the file and i sent also the setupconfig.ini just in case
                  I hope you can find out whatīs the problem



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                    The archive seems to be damaged (not a valid RAR file), could you please try sending it again or try a different format (eg zip).


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                      i downloaded the file to other pc and worked just fine...check your winrar program probably there is something wrong on your pc too...LOL! Anyway here is a new link with no compressed file.



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                        Thanks for that, could you please send us an email ( so we can send you a new debug build.


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                          What is a debug buid?? (Iīve already sent the e-mail)


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                            Thanks TimR, The debug build Worked fine! iīve my wirelessmon working are great people! Now i wonīt have to restore my system.