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Reg Problem Started by WirelessMon err msg

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  • Reg Problem Started by WirelessMon err msg

    OS: Win Vista Home Premium
    WirelessMon Version: 2.0 build 1011 (evaluation version)

    Description of anomaly:
    I set WirelessMon running continuously starting ~3AM with logging turned on. went to bed. Next morning, my computer was asleep, too (sleep mode). I wake it up by moving the mouse. Everything turned back on except my monitor which remained blank. I power cycled my system to restart. After OS loaded, ran WirelessMon.

    It returned this error message:

    I go into regedit to examine location. This is what I see:

    There is no such entry mentioned by the error message. Which entry needs to reset to zero?

    This error message never appeared before. I downloaded the program yesterday.

    log attached:

    Summary Tab Information

    Current Ssid: WRT300N
    AccessPoint Mac Address: 00 18 f8 c5 47 d8
    Threshold: N/A
    Authorization Type: Open
    Numbers of Antenna: N/A
    Packet Fragmentation Threshold: N/A
    Tx Power: N/A
    Channel: 3
    Channel(Hz): N/A

    Statistics Tab Information

    TransmitttedFrameCount: 38097
    MulticastTransFrameCount: 0
    Failed Count: 3
    Retry Count: 4016
    Multiple Retry Count: 2165
    RTS Success Count: 0
    RTS Failure Count: 0
    Frame Duplicate Count: 87
    Received Fragment Count: 487727
    ACK Failure Count: 7083
    MulticastRecFrameCount: 0
    FCS Error Count: 368660
    Sent OK: N/A
    RCV OK: N/A
    Sent Error: N/A
    RCV Error: N/A
    Directed Bytes Sent: N/A
    Directed Frames Sent: N/A
    Multicast Bytes Sent: N/A
    Multicast Frames Sent: N/A
    Broadcast Bytes Sent: N/A
    Broadcast Frames Sent: N/A
    Directed Bytes RCV: N/A
    Directed Frames RCV: N/A
    Multicast Bytes RCV: N/A
    Multicast Frames RCV: N/A
    Broadcast Bytes RCV: N/A
    Broadcast Frames RCV: N/A

    IP Tab Information

    Adapter Mac Adress: 00 18 f8 30 9a 88
    Adapter Detail Entry: {C9A87EBA-9DB6-4B81-821F-42F0B3831F65}
    Adapter IP Address:
    Current GateWay:
    DHCP Enabled: Yes
    DHCP Server:
    DHCP Lease Start at: 03:19:31 28/03/2007
    DHCP Lease End at: 03:19:31 29/03/2007
    DNS Server:

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    This error message is practically redundant for Vista so it will probably be changed or removed in the next version.

    We've made a change that might help, please try this version There is also some extra debugging added when loading the performance counters so if it doesn't work please run WirelessMon in debug mode and send me the log file.

    There was also a resource leak found in the Vista version so this should be corrected in this version.


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      The new version didn't work; I sent the debug log by email. One thing further though. uninstalling and then install\ing didn't make a difference (error box still occurred), but yet it worked fine the very first time it was installed.


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        This seems to be a problem with WirelessMon not automatically selecting to run as in elevated administrator mode.

        If you right click on the wirelessmon.exe, choose properties and then click on the Compatibility make sure the "Run this program as administrator" options is checked.